2011-2012 – Kelly Crow

From Kelly Crow, April 2014:

I went to school at the University of Wyoming and have a BS in Architectural Engineering.  Worked at Waldinger, Sheetmetal Engineering , and Shive-Hattery in the past.  I have been on all 3 sides of the industry. I grew up in Altoona, IA. Spent time in Louisiana in the Army then out in Wyoming with the National Guard. I was deployed in 2004 to Iraq.  After my deployment, I returned to Iowa and started working.

As far as ASHRAE experiences go, being “Green” was getting old by the time I was chapter president. Maybe VRF was starting to take hold here in Iowa.  Board meetings were pretty typical when I was president. I tried to have more technical meetings during the year. We had an ASHRAE short course and two DL during my year as president. As secretary, I updated our chapter logo and newsletter format. I was part of the 2009 CRC planning committee as the spouse events committee chair. I am currently the Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) Regional Vice Chair (RVC).