2003-2004 – Ron Engelhardt

Ron attended Iowa State University, and graduated in 1991 with a BSEE (Bachelor Science in Electrical Engineering). He started work for Trane in 1991, and worked as a Sales Engineer for Trane in Harrisburg, PA until 1996, when he moved to Des Moines, IA.  Ron has worked for Halvorson-Trane from 1996 to the present as a Sales Engineer and Sales Manager.

Following are some of Ron’s memories of his time in ASHRAE:

“In 1998, Paul Melton talked me into filling in as the student committee chairperson because the original person moved out of the state.  What I didn’t realize was that sucked me in for over 12 years.  I filled several chair positions throughout the years including Chapter President 2003-2004.

“Board meetings were always interesting with the main core that had been there when I started: Susan Oltrogge, Dan Zaug, Chris Nelson, Jim Hall, etc.  As anyone that knows Dan Zaug would attest, “never a dull or quiet moment when Dan’s involved”!  I learned a lot by following Chris and Susan through the president chairs.  Dan was just ahead of me so how could I look bad!

“Underfloor air was coming into the market during the time but has since almost disappeared from discussion.  Status of acceptable refrigerants was and continues to be a topic of discussion.  The next 5-10 years will be very interesting!

“My favorite memories were from attending the different CRCs with the board and chair members at the time.  We did our work and had a great time socializing!  We represented out chapter well!

“I am also involved with MCAI and ABC.  Attending the regular monthly meetings and, of course, the golf outings!”