2002-2003 – Dan Zaug

Dan graduated from Iowa State University with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1984.

He went to work for Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) right after graduation. “My official start date is June 1, 1984.  If you do the math, June 1, 2014 will be 30 years with JCI.”

Dan married his wife, Janelle, on July 16, 1988.  They have 3 children (Brandon, Brett and Abby).

Following are some of Dan’s memories of his time in ASHRAE:

“I was president of the Iowa Chapter 2002-2003.  This was the year we switched from manually cut and paste newsletter to an electronic newsletter.  This was spearheaded by Benny Skelton. I attended 15 CRC’s in a row before missing Minnesota in 2012.  Over the years there have been many, many great memories from the CRC’s.  The Iowa Chapter has always had a strong representation at the CRC and we are known for how much fun we have.

“In my time with ASHRAE there we several protocols being used including Lontalk, N2, OS2, etc.  ASHRAE pushed for the HVAC industry standardizing on a protocol.  ASHRAE proposed BACnet protocol and this is now considered the industry standard.  It was great to see how ASHRAE works for our industry.”